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At Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros, we fully understand the significance of having a clean carpet in homes and offices, and so we strive hard in offering seamless cleaning results to all our clients. All our technicians are certified professionals holding certifications from the prestigious Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the carpet repair industry, our professionals have the skills and confidence to perform all kinds of carpet repairs and cleaning. Moreover, most of our staff comes from carpet repair backgrounds, and they love their jobs. All our previous clients refer us in their social circles for any work related to carpet repairs.

Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros take immense pride in our certified team of technicians. Our folks are honest, hardworking, passionate, and accommodating in their endeavours. Besides, all of them are background checked and uniformed. By availing our assistance, you are sure to receive prompt and efficient carpet repair services at any given time of the day and year. For us, customer satisfaction holds profound significance, and therefore, our staff works hard to exceed customers’ satisfaction in all assignments. Our incredibly skilled and experienced team will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your carpet, whether at home or office, is fully repaired and brought back to its pristine condition.

To get a brief overview of our company, take a look at the below mentioned services that we provide at Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros.

Carpet Repair Santa Monica

The carpet repair services of Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros are inimitable, beyond any comparisons with our competitors’ services. Our quality of equipment and high quality standards of services is what sets us apart from the rest of the players in the market. We ensure that our technicians participate in learning programs and workshops to stay informed with the latest developments in the industry, and hence be able to qualify to deliver the best and flawless carpet repair services to commercial and residential clients.

At Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros, we offer a wide range of carpet repair services and specialize in fixing varied problems such as ripples, tears, burns, and permanent stains. We guarantee to repair your carpet, irrespective of the size of the damage, with precision.

And no, we don’t rush into carpet replacements, particularly in those cases, wherein carpet repairs can suffice. We are a straightforward and transparent company, always working for the benefit of our customers.

Carpet Patching Santa Monica

When the carpet is damaged due to stains, burns or a tear, carpet patching services are employed. Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros will immaculately cut the damaged area and replace the damaged part with a new piece of carpet. This new piece of carpet may be taken from the wardrobe or under the staircase area. We will patch the new piece of carpet using adhesive. A contact adhesive is our primary choice for patching because it doesn’t dry hard.

Generally speaking, the services of carpet patching are availed when the pet (dog or cat) has scratched a particular part of the carpet, when bleach is dripped on the carpet, or a cigarette has accidentally fallen on the carpet.

It is important to note that not all carpet repair companies have the expertise and experience to perform accurate carpet patching task. The carpet patching technicians of Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros are so skilled in this task that only you will be able to identify the patched area, nobody else will even get a clue.

Give a call to us at (310) 579-9120 and get your carpet patched right away!

Carpet Dyeing Santa Monica

Sadly, all carpets develop issues, be it pet stains, food stains, bleach spots, chemical spill or sun fading. Eventually, your once newly bought carpet is going to fade and lose its charm, even if you clean it repeatedly. This is the time when you should contemplate availing our carpet dyeing services. Most owners think that carpet replacement is the only option left when the carpet is matted down, but that’s not true. If the carpet is functionally active, then there is no reason whatsoever to replace it with a new one.

A perfect alternative to premature carpet replacement is carpet dyeing. If you find your carpet to be worn out, carpet dyeing can make your carpet look fresh and new. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the overall colour scheme of your carpet and think that it does not go well with the interiors of your room, then carpet dyeing can help you achieve a compatible colour scheme.

Remember, carpet dyeing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires knowledge and special technical skills. With Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros, you cannot go wrong.

Berber Carpet Repair Santa Monica

Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros will offer you the best berber carpet repair services in town. If you have a run in your carpet due to a vacuum snagging or because the carpet wasn’t installed properly, you need to have your carpet fixed immediately before the damage becomes irreversible. By watching major snags, you might be tempted to replace the entire carpet. But, before acting on that decision, call our berber carpet repair specialists for inspection. Our technicians, in the past, have helped many berber carpet owners to come out of their misery. Allow our technicians to repair the snags and runs in the carpet.

Out of so many specialities, berber carpet repair is one of our specialities. Our highly experienced folks have the right skills to get the job right the first time itself.

Rug Repair Santa Monica

Having a fine rug in a home can surely accentuate the whole look of a room. But, it is important to take good care of these rugs as they can sometimes get damaged. Our rug repair experts know that people love their rugs, and so will do everything possible to ensure that they get their rugs back in original condition. We know many rug owners who directly reach us via our contact number whenever accidents happen and their rugs get damaged. They call us because they trust us. They have full faith in our offered solutions.

We have the techniques and effective methods that will help to restore the rugs back to its pristine condition. We carry the experience of restoring all types of rugs, of varied sizes, and in all conditions. Due to our years of experience in rug repair, we are confident of handling all types of rugs. Surely, we are your best bet when it comes to repairing of damaged rugs. Our in-depth process of rug repairing is surely going to yield amazing results for your rugs.

Pet Damaged Carpet Repair Santa Monica

We know you love your pets. Aren’t they cute and adorable! Well, most of the times. But, occasionally, they can cause us a bit of a problem. From our experience, we can say that pets are often the cause of carpet damage. That’s because they get hyper and restless, and start destroying the carpet. Dogs and cats can chew the carpet, leaving the carpet in a state of utter helplessness. In addition to being prone to this behaviour, dogs and cats can also cause a problem of defecation on the carpet.

During unfortunate times, homeowners should not fret much and certainly not start looking for a new carpet. Instead, give a call to our pet damage carpet repair experts and schedule a visit to assess the damages. Our experienced folks are capable of repairing pet damaged carpets, let alone removing pet odours so that your house smells clean again.

Carpet Seam Repair Santa Monica

We take immense pride in our carpet seam repair services. For years we have been offering our professional carpet seam repair services to residential and commercial clients all over Santa Monica. We promise to repair your seam and give it back to you in its original state. Our quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer care are bound to surpass all your expectations.

Our folks who will come to your premises for carpet seam repair will be licensed, insured, and fully certified technicians. Besides, they will adhere to strict standards of ethics, making the whole process professional and transparent.

Feel free to review our work to ascertain its quality by calling our staff. We will be happy to assist you at any given time of the day and year.

Carpet Stretching Santa Monica

Are you in search of a reliable, honest and qualified carpet stretching services? Try Santa Monica carpet repair pros carpet stretching services. We offer quick, hassle free, and easy carpet stretching services to all our clients at affordable rates.

With each passing day, carpets naturally stretch out and become loose. During such times, carpet stretching becomes one of the preferred alternatives besides replacement. But, replacing a carpet can be expensive. Carpet stretching is a lot cheaper than replacements.

At Santa Monica carpet repair pros carpet stretching, our professionals are fully trained to get your carpet look smooth again. So, call us today to schedule an estimate.

Hallway Carpet Re-stretching Santa Monica

Hallway carpet re-stretching isn’t an easy job, and often requires specialized skills and experiences for overcoming various challenges while re-stretching. Our technicians have extensive experience in re-stretching hallway carpets. We are prepared to fix all kinds of concerns while re-stretching the hallway carpet, and are committed to getting the job done right the first time.

Our team is easy to work with, friendly and incredibly hard working. In addition to having the best people for the job, we are also a well equipped company.

Take advantage of our skills and resources. Call us today for a free estimate.

Company Values of Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros

Inarguably, and very importantly, the success of Santa Monica Carpet Repair Pros relies completely on its value system. Our commitment to exceeding customer satisfaction by delivering superior quality services to clients has led us to become a trustworthy name in the carpet repair industry.

All you need to do is call us at (310) 579-9120 and book an appointment. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

We Are Certified By The IICRC in Carpet Repair, Carpet Cleaning & Color Correction (Dyeing)

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